Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Buying Frames in Bulk

IMG_3307Over the weekend, there was a sale of frames from Frameworks, made by John Caldwell. A frame is not usually part of my commissioning process, because different clients have different styles and like to do their own framing. At the same time, a frame makes a painting look finished or completed in a way that signing and varnishing it cannot. Just like many people prefer to see a room furnished than unfurnished in a show home, so people prefer to look at framed paintings. Even if you would do it differently, it gives you an idea of what you might do. For an exhibition, everything needs to be framed, just to help the audience look at it properly. It helps them mentally fit the work into their home, and usually the frames I choose go down well.

So, I bought a lot of frames. More than twenty in different… alright, about thirty in different sizes. Some are suitable for oil paintings on board, others are suitable for watercolour or pencil drawings. I did not get mount board, but I can have that cut if I need to. So now, I have the challenge of painting to fit sizes I do not ordinarily use. I am now trying to fill one frame a week, which is a higher than normal rate of art production for me, but includes faster pictures that I would not ordinarily create. I have someone choose a frame, and someone choose a subject, and then I paint. So far, one down, many to go.