Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Roses and Reflections

A close-up of a fob watch with painted hands and the artist's signature as the maker's markFinally, I have finished Roses and Reflections. I’ve left out several potential posts that say ‘then I went over the top surface and improved it a bit’. I’ve done that everywhere, and I’ve also nudged the copper pot back to elliptical, finished the watch including numbers, and let it all dry. I hadn’t done a big, complicated still life in a while, and I think I’m happy with how it’s come out.

On the watch, I was working down at strokes the size of the canvas weave, while doing the most intricate part of the painting. I put aside my square brushes, which were too harsh for the task, and used small round-ended ones instead. Click the picture to view in massive close-up.

The painting is £1200 framed, and currently available. If you would like it or want something in the same style, contact me on Twitter as @dianaprobst or on facebook at Diana Probst – Cambridge Artist.

And here you go, Roses and Reflections:

A still life with roses and several reflective containers and items, on piled cloth.