Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Inktober 2016-1

Witch's hat in black inkI’m taking part in Inktober, a social media month of sketches and drawings in ink. I’ve been doing enough work on the laser cutter that the control of a pen has started giving me trouble, and a month of practice will see me right.

It being October, a lot of the drawings are themed around Halloween, although not all of mine will be. Here’s a witch’s hat, complete with buckle and bent bit. On looking at it, I can see places I could deepen the shadows. Part of the joy of ink is that you can always add to it, but part of the ‘joy’ is that once you have added you can’t take away. This is a sketch, so I’m happy to leave it in an unfinished state. If it were made into a full piece, I’d be darkening the shadows on the left of the rise.