Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

New Finished Piece – Nike

Line art in sepia, of winged woman in drapery, holding a shield she examines.As a companion to the Discobolus, I have draw a Nike, a draped female. I like these pieces, which look simple when done, but are in fact complicated to produce. It means that they will have more interest in the long term than if I had started with simple lines and tried to put them into the right places.

Nike is a little over A4 in size, and took me a morning plus an hour for the first copy. An hour per tracing seems about right. I think I am going to limit the number I have here to a dozen, but I have numbered the Discoboloi up to two, meaning that if I have extra orders on those I will have to go redraw and take it from a different angle, or make some change that does not devalue the originals by producing more of them. The discus thrower was very very hard, because he had to be made of sweeping lines. Despite the complexity here, Nike was easier, as most of her lines are drapery.

Nike will be priced at £50, numbered 1-12.