Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

New finished piece – Discobolus

What is it?

This is a pen and ink line drawing of Myron’s Discus Thrower, as it comes down to us in copies. My intention was to simplify the complex forms while still keeping all relationships intact. There are two hand-drawn copies, one in sepia and one in dark peat ink, for a total of two in the series; the short run is because this was a proof to myself that my technique would work, and there will not be any tiny print runs in future.

Well, picture?

Line drawing of Discobolus statue, a nude male pausing on the back-swing before the throw

How much is it?

Unframed, it is £50. The paper is A3, and the area that is covered is slightly under A4, but massive trimming would not suit it. Framed, depending on frame, about £100-£120. There are three hours of work embedded in each, making this a very good price.