Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Inktober 2016-2

Future Bus, ink on watercolour paperDay 2 of Inktober sees me trying out a timesaver for vanishing points. Attach a thread to the points you want to use, at eye level/horizon level (which will be mostly the same, although not always) and you can draw along those threads to make buildings and grid objects vanish in proportions the human eye can take in. If I distorted much more than the tallest building, it would start to look really strange, because we as humans do fish-eye lens calculations automatically and never think about it. The sharp corners begin to look wrong.

However, as a small image or a quick sketch or a background for things to happen in, like in the road, it could definitely work. I could also add different vanishing points if I wanted to rotate my grid, so I could have any shape if I had to, but this is today’s practice, not next week’s scribbling.