Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Blooming Huge Blue Glass Still Life: Interlude

A quick one: this is what happens when a camera phone is falling to pieces. The camera housing itself is probably working loose, leading to loose connections. This should not be purple, as you no doubt remember. It should be green. I have several videos with green instead of arbitrary other colours, or with white bleed at the edges. I also had, at this point, the problem that my iPhone froze up every time I tried to take a photograph.

Oddly enough, playing music and then opening the camera application made it work properly, but when I closed the camera app, the music would judder for a bit. However, it reliably overcame the problem of the whole thing becoming a brick.

Right now it is a brick with glass shards on one side. That is not causally related to the camera falling apart. However, I have replaced it. The new one takes photos that are larger than my upload limit.