Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Angry Reindeer Roundup

I have sold half a dozen Angry Reindeer, and I intend to draw more to order, at £2 apiece. I will be at the Mill Road Fair in Cambridge, on 3rd of December, with my ink, and I can send them anywhere that has a postal address. These are (some of) the beasts in their full glory:

Stylised reindeer in mirror-sheen sunglasses, drawn in black inkAn elegant line-art reindeer looks like it is eating grass; it has lost a contact lens.Irritated reindeer, drawn in black ink. It has been interrupted in eating a tree by the arrival of ChristmasRudolph, shown here with nose unpainted, thinks he could take Bambi in a fightA dead reindeer with a red nose, caption reading he is to be used as a tie rackA stylised reindeer outline with a tree-shaped antler