Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Sold! Five items

I said goodbye to several of my favourite pieces last night. An old friend with decent wall space told me to ‘bring blue on blue and anything else you are proud of’. I am glad it is someone I like who has them, and glad I will be able to visit and see where everything goes.

I drove down with nine pieces. He was unimpressed by the tonal sphere, and the self-portraits would have been a bit strange to sell to him, but I took them anyway, so he could see them. I left him with Masks, ‘That Certain Night’, Mountains in the Moonlight and my blue pot on a blue background. I have to varnish the Blue Glass still life, and deliver it back.

This effectively clears the overdraught, meaning I will be able to choose between paint and good food for the next few months. In celebration, I have a packet of supernoodles for lunch.