Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Postcards Delivered

Postcard advertising show; Image of Woods with Millstone and name 'Drawing Inspiration' superimposed.A week ago I ordered some postcards from moo.com, and they arrived over the weekend, to much awe from me. They were shiny, and they made my chosen image look good. I had made a couple of attempts at the image, and this time I changed it at the last minute to something more eye-catching than my original invitation. that had gone out by eMail, and this had to go out to people who did not know me at all.

I had wondered if 120 would be too many, but as it turned out it was nearly but not quite enough; I am left without a stack to take back to a couple of places that very generously offered to host them, which is disappointing, but I might be able to print some more out by the end of the week, schedule depending. It is more likely that I am going to sag with exhaustion instead.

14 places have my cards to distribute, and I gave several individually as well, to people who were expecting them. The last half dozen that I have to give out are all for friends and neighbours who have shown interest in the work. By Wednesday I should have none at all.