Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Sold Item: Wave with Boat silkscreen

Today I did a few things of significance. I picked up my business cards from the Royal Mail sorting office, finished my self-portrait to the point where there is only tweaking to do, and failed to get home to change into my running kit.

I went running by bicycle, and met someone else with a bicycle, and he and someone I knew already went for dinner. There was a lot of good talk, and I showed off my new business cards. I must be an artist – it says so on the front!

After hearing the price on Wave with Boat, Roy* told me he would buy it. We both knew that £30 was a good price, and he picks it up tomorrow, when I hope to show him more that I am doing in my studio.

Another minor thing of note is that I left my sketchbook at the studio. I feel a right charlie now.

*Not his real name