Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Nine Realms

Oil painting of man with speak under dramatic sky, outside city wallsThis is an odd painting for me. It’s experimental, and it’s public. Normally the work I do that is in a new style gets marked mentally and put aside. This time, thanks to the support of Artipeeps, you get to see it.

The Nine Realms is a project that brings in traditional artists, musicians, wood carvers, comic artists, sculptors, and minecraft builders among others, building up to a week-long show. It is the widest-ranging, most generous art project I have ever been in. Everyone is supportive and hard-working, and the show will be used for educational visits and readings.

We could do with your help. Some of the projects are large-scale, and take up to a month to complete. The traditional artists are all working for free, but the supporting works, the wood carving and the minecraft build and the comic, should be paid for. They add hugely to the project.

We don’t want you to give for nothing. Artipeeps and the Nine Realms project are proud to be able to pay their way, and so you can help us by getting Viking perks as part of the project. Nineteen poets, Twentythree artists, three musicians… It’s going to be great. Look us up, and let us know if you can help:

Nine Realms on Indigogo