Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Invitations Sent

Landscape with emphasis on the sky, including one large cloud formationToday I gave out and sent the first set of physical invitations to my show. Tomorrow, I send a few more. All of them are based on watercolours; a few, to clients or people who have supported me well, are original postcards. Seven weeks, two days, and counting. I did the costings recently, and I have very little in hand.

I have settled on the name Highlights of Cambridge. Others sounded better, but only at the risk of being mistaken for a hairdresser. The highlights are clearer on the oils, but watercolours are going to make up a bigger chunk of the show this time around. I want to finish my bottles, but the weather has been so chilly it was not worth being in the back room. I have a week or two in which to finish them for the drying, and then I have to stop painting anyway.

As the old joke goes, ‘Teabreak’s over, back on your heads’.