Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Red Curtain Drapery

White curtains with dark backgound and unedveloped white containerThis is the white underpainting for what will be a wine-coloured or crimson painting. The idea is that when it looks good in white, I coat it with a crimson glaze and it looks just as good but far deeper. A couple of people have said I should stick with the white, but if I am going to do it in white I should be planning for that from the start. Here, I planned on crimson and on paint strokes on the top level that would guide the eye, and I have not put them in on the lower levels on purpose.

I do not know if it will be successful. The drying time involved means that this is a test piece. Although I have various glaze tests in the works, they will not be ready for weeks, and by that time I will have found out at least how this starts to look.