Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Sale! Get You Yet

Name/price tag for Get You Yet with a red dot indicating saleI sold the Burning Man yesterday, to someone who was impressed with its impact from the first. It was good to see it going to someone who would obviously love it. Its hanging position opposite the door and its bright colour added to its immediate impact, and it held up to scrutiny. We kept coming back to the image, and its various interpretations. My client, Stanley*, enjoyed looking at other things, and we talked about how we each saw different things in the images, but how they could both be valid; in the copy of Cezanne’s millstone in the woods he saw a different landscape to me, and neither of us were thinking much of the forest of the Loire or Provence.

*Client is not called Stanley.

A close-up of the Big Bright Picture. Click through to see it in higher detail:
A pink candle with a wick in the shape of a burning man