Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

A Look At: West London Art Factory

An occasional series in which I talk about something that has taken my interest

The West London Art Studio is a place I have never visited, and only heard of recently. However, I was impressed by what was available online. First of all I looked at the art of Milo, who makes images out of smaller images – guns and skulls from Disney stickers. This was interesting, and because of the different designs he does not seem like a one-trick pony. I liked looking at just about everything he had done.

His method could be copied by anyone with patience, but that does not make it invalid. He produces good-looking stuff and he has his name on them to add value, and I can get with that.

Then I looked at the other artists, and there was one thing that made me go ‘not art but artistic’ and one thing that made me go ‘why the hell would I want that in my life?’ There is also a singer, whom I cannot critique, but I very much like the idea of musical art being associated with artists’ locations. I was impressed by many things, but in general the high level of dedication to the finished piece was what intrigued me.

Ladies and Gentlemen (and others of any persuasion): West London Art Studio.