Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Spotlight On: Robjn

An occasional series in which I look at someone who has impressed me, while attempting not to patronise them

A couple of days ago, I was introduced to @robjn as a twitter #FF. For those who do not know, there are many cultural habits on Twitter, and one of them is the Friday Follow – the hash tag is short, and gives room for a name or two and a short sentence describing them. I clicked idly on @robjn, as he was an artist in my area. Then I saw the name of an exhibition he had given and thought ‘ah, I had meant to go to that’. Then I clicked a bit more.

He has a graphic style which is not mine, but I like the way that his work looks. I also like the way it is presented. He as a shop. You can see his bright, beautiful things on a clutter-free site and you can buy them. It’s a click away. He blogs. He can design a web page. He just had an exhibition. He has a lot of different ways of being available, and I really like that. I admire it.

Added to this, he is not restricted to visual art. He has remixes and music videos and T-shirts and he is a designer as well as an artist. So that is today’s spotlight. Opening in a new browser window, Robjn A bit longer than a #FF.