Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Work Flow

I currently have a problem I think belongs to all people starting a business from scratch.  I do not have a history.  I have no feedback on anything that I have done, beyond gifts and very short bits of work, filed under sketches or oddities.  I have a total of two sales to my name, one of which brought me money, and one of which went to a good cause.  This means I have no commissioned work coming in.  (Through private means, I could deal with that, but want to be better as an artist first.)

Thus, everything I do has to be driven by me.  I have to keep paintings that interest me on my easel, and keep things at different stages.  My work management has to be solid.  With two small children, this is my greatest challenge, but I look forward to the combination of linseed oil fumes, ginger beer, and a Jamaican takeaway wagon nearby.