Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Dragons, day 6: Finishing everything!

A sleeping dragon in a cave with another dragon arrivingThe last day’s painting was added details and some rocks. Some of the details were, necessarily, pretty big. The dragonling counted as one detail, for example, but its snake head and eager lizard face add life and movement to the painting. It’s the young, excited thing. It took most of my small-scale painting time. The big-scale painting mostly went on the rocks to the right.

I also refined the large dragon, in particular the head and the highlighted parts, deepened all the shadows, and glazed the belly with a dark mix, which both makes the dragon look more solid and provides a dark area for the dragonling to stand out. I added the distant dragon returning and put my name into the rocks on the left, in an unusual script. Then I contacted my client and made her very happy. Dragon Done!

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