Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Studio Guests: Little Friend Susan 3

Finally, and after much effort, L.F.S managed to arrive early in the morning on a morning where I had managed to get up. I brought in curry and we painted until we were done, finishing just in time to have to ask someone else to pick up the Penguin-Themed Child from nursery.

A still life consisting of brown mask, red pot, blue cup, and white sphere.I am calling this Still Life with Mask and Death Star, but it could be the Ewok moon, or it could be a white sphere reflecting the background. If you look at his and at the charcoal in the previous post, you will see that the mask has shifted slightly. This is the result of having a shared studio and having to mount a still life on a trolley, and it did not help L.F.S. much. Having created the charcoal version meant that she understood the shape of the pieces better, but it would have been easier on her if she had been able to refer to the tonal piece as a master for the light/dark areas.

All in all, having L.F.S. around made me eat more curry, fail to tidy my studio, and paint my own still life instead of working on other pieces. It was a blast, and I would be happy to do it again from time to time.

For those of you keeping score at home, this is how many brushes we used between us during the day. Two were washed and re-used. Painting many colours instead of very few is often more satisfying but takes a lot of white spirit. Curry is optional in my studio. Brush-cleaning lessons are not.