Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Pupils needed

I am always open for commissions, but I could do with your help finding another sort of work as well.

I want to teach people. I’m after pupils who want to learn Fine Art, at two possible stages. Firstly, I can impart any of the knowledge needed. If someone can hold a pencil and a ruler, and is willing to listen to how to use them and why, that’s enough knowledge. If you know someone like that, who wants to learn, please let them know, and let me know.

Second, I want an apprentice-level painter or artist, who can draw but might not have more advanced knowledge. I’ll be able to take someone like that to the point where they can paint a lot better. If you have a budding artist in your life, I’m a good person to teach them.

My time comes in at £20/hour of teaching. Preparation time and support come outside that, for free. A new pupil probably needs two hours of teaching and two hours of home practice per week. Adults or secondary school pupils can apply.

Art A Level students and people who already know a bit about painting might want to consider the apprentice option. That is a day per week in my studio, at £100 a week, for 6+ hours of painting. You get the space reserved, so the easel you’re working on stays put, and so does your work. Reasonable studio expenses are included. I’ll treat you as an adult and be as hands-on as you like. We’ll work on colour theory, tonal values, image balance, brush use, and how to translate a 3D world onto a canvas.

If you are interested, or know anyone who might be, please introduce us. I’m on Twitter as @dianaprobst and you can eMail me at dianaprobst@dianaprobst.com.