Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Still Life, Roses and Reflections: Day 6

blue bottle panted in oils on canvasDay six of the painting was dedicated to the bottle, which has several reflections in it. The left-hand side reflects the brass, including the watch, and the right-hand side reflects the coffee pot. There are also shadows cast by the flowers, and the front reflects the drapery towards the bottom of the picture.

The bottle was not so blue in the photograph, but I pushed the colour to make it more interesting. The darker areas were mixed with the background grey, and I used crimson for the reflection. The pale rectangle-style bit is a reflection of the wall behind the photographer, who cannot be made out. Now, the slightly bluish left-hand side of the coffee pot makes more sense, as it reflects the bottle.

The blue will probably need another layer, but I like the drapery, so it might all be left as it is, yet.