Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Cambridge Art Fair: Roundup

Our art fair over the weekend was very good fun, but for me was not worth the time invested. I learned which of my reindeer cards were popular, but I did not manage to sell enough to cover babysitting costs. I came home with some money but I did not sell well. It seems that people who have a certain sense of humour like the cards; other people back away in horror, trying to be polite. At Mill Road fair, I had one of those who asked what the numbers were on the Reindeer. I told her and she said, ‘oh’. She could not even manage the traditional British, “How interesting.” I generally get best results from people who know me and stop to examine the cards closely. Some people were very happy to have watched me draw their cards.

However, the fair was good for most people, and we are keeping the shop open with a slightly different stock, until just before Christmas. For individual gifts, or angry reindeer that do not want to be given away, drop on in. 29 Cromwell Road.