Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Cambridge Art Salon opening

Over a score of artists and dozens of invitees came to the official opening of the Salon today. I had not had the energy to invite people, but I did make myself a fancy dress costume. Funny how that works. The Mayor cut the ribbon, and it became official; we are open. I will be invigilating in the shop area every Tuesday afternoon.

Until Monday we are having an exhibition of the work of all of the artists, as featured on the Residents Page. There has already been some interest in hung works.

Artist dressed in a draped sheet, wearing a hat made up of two large layers and a fragment of temple pediment.And if you want to know what my Fancy Dress costume looked like, I went as a Caryatid Column. This is why I should never be allowed near a make-up case. Happily, there are already Twittered versions of this around that are far better than mine.