Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Girl With a Shiny Earring 2

Having been busily glazing the Girl with a Pearl Earring, I found myself with a real problem recently. One of the layers was not fully dried, and the addition of a new layer of oil pulled it up into clumps. I am starting to think that GWAPE is a failure, for which I try to read Learning Experience. I know a lot more now about drying times and how not to try to push them, for one. I also know that getting the background right can pop the foreground out into sharp relief. I have picked up a wish to go see the original.

Still, I am a little annoyed. I am going to push myself to finish the picture, but it is not as good as it would be if I began again. It looks… alright. It does not look amazing, and I want it to. Some parts excite me but some parts frustrate me, on this one. I wonder if it is the general stage of hating something that I have just before it gets good.