Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

… and a vast Reluctance

What happens when a project drags on? How do you deal with it?

Mr Earbrass, over to the left, is about to begin the revision of his novel. It is a major project and it is several months since he began it. (Icon by the highly civilised writer Elizabeth Bear, Mr Earbrass by Edward Gorey).

The final grind on a project is a tough thing, when the problems are solved and there are fewer points of interest in work. If you are in the final stages, but before you can clearly see the end, this can be tough. However, continued progress will get you to where you are going. I am doing my best to remember this now, whenever I get nervous on the Self-Portrait. The duller parts are not hack-work. They are your reward for having worked hard already.

Really, this was just an excuse to have Mr Earbrass visit my blog. He does not think much of it, and is too polite to say anything. In his nervousness, he has pulled apart a small cushion and now does not dare to move.