Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Highlights of Cambridge: Show over!

Palette with pool of brown oil paints, and three small paintings of parts of faces from the frontI have now had a few days to recover from putting on an art show, so here are my thoughts.

1) Well, that wasn’t so bad.
2) Monetary calculation.
3) Wait, that is almost minimum wage.
4) Push the boat out, I can afford noodles!

And to expand a little on that, I made money. The purpose of my show was two-fold. One was an attempt to bring in cash that I could spend, the other was to show people what I could do, so that they will later remember me as an artist. Last year, that was very successful, and although I broke even during the week, there were jobs spread out through the year. This year I picked up two commissions directly, and had the time to add a portrait to the collection I want to show next time I hang my work. A bit more money from the off, then, but I have to wait and see how things will go with that. I can to some degree keep track of when I picked up work, but a show is always a punt into the future.