Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Angry Reindeer 2012

Following on from last year’s triumphant sales (enough to buy Christmas presents and gin) I will be selling Angry Reindeers once more. If you have a Christmas list of people who understand the quirky, have a spiky sense of humour, or whom you simply do not like, these are the perfect cards for you. Tamed by hitting them until they stand still and then hand-drawn in Indian Ink, these cards are unique. Some still bear witness to the savage genius of their creation, while it is rumoured others are being used as evidence in a show trial to be held later this month.

Reindeers, filthy gnomes, and other hand-drawn cards will be £2 apiece (plus postage), with discounts for sales of five or more. Leave a comment below, or contact @AngryReindeers on Twitter to ask about numbers, times, themes, and whether Rudolph’s red nose is entirely natural.