Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Angry Reindeers

Ink line drawing in stylised fashion of the front half of a stagIn the hope of bringing in cash, and because I thought it would be interesting, I ordered some card blanks, and did several hand-drawn cards which I forgot to photograph. Some of them sold today; a packet of reindeer of various sorts, with abstract red and green designs in watercolour.

This was in fact my first sale in the shop. Most of what I have available is premium-priced and people say ‘how lovely’ and consider getting it for someone else. This time, the price and the goods were right. However, I then had to replace them. Being me, I quickly became bored of drawing actual reindeer looking Christmassy. The end result is a set where one is boasting he could ‘totally take Bambi’ and another is looking for his contact lens. My personal favourite is the one that looks like it is on fire, but in fact is just hiding behind a tree from the fact that Christmas is around the corner.

They will be available at the Mill Road Christmas Fair, along with others in a more traditional bent, if I am not stopped before then. I also have a few tree decorations in mind. None of them are deadly, though. Unless used right.