Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

This week’s work

This week was hectic. I produced three screen prints in one day, for a total of seven layers of paint, including mixing, testing, remixing, and printing, and then the next day I had friends to stay over. My futon was full, my sofa was full, and my /spare/ sofa had someone on it, under a little blanket with trains on. I did two full days of art with the person from the larger sofa, agreed with the other person to do several days of work with them, and was treated to lunch on Thursday. On Friday I looked after 1.5 children for a day, and the Hubby looked after 1.5 children for half a day, and somehow that was only two children for the entire day between us.

However, I now have three new prints, a charcoal, and an oil study that needs tweaking a little. Good week.