Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist


Deckchairs fastened together with slats, to make a bench. I went to Small-Scale-Survival in Aid and Abet, an art space close to Cambridge Station. It is housed in an old warehouse, and there is a three year lease, which gives the place some stability. Their show, now sadly closed, was Small Scale Survival, where artists produced without the grand trappings that are available in larger studios. Some of what they had there was very good fun:

I had never jumped through a hoop made of chairs fastened together, and now I have. It was a construction like a matchstick bridge, without glue or fastenings other than wood, and it was fantastic to look at.

I held back from taking many photographs inside, as it was someone else’s artwork, but on the way back I took over a dozen quick snaps of a road on my route…

New brickwork of reclaimed bricks, making a garden wallClose-up of small flowering plant growing along lines of concrete in a wallClose-up of surface of red painted brick, showing slight signs of agingClose-up of battered concrete-topped wall showing exposed ironwork and stone chippingsPurple and Green rainbow chard, main plant massSquare pavement flagstones, in 1-2-1 hopscotch patternGreen and yellow leaves on a dark background of their own shadowsLavender plant, close up of pale buds backed by green leavesView of a dark window on a white wall, seen through dark railings.  Pale metal heart in the window continues the black-white theme.A bicycle rests on concrete, in a garden overrun by a creeper that forms an arch above the ground.Three white and yellow lilies grow on a near barren piece of ground next to the wall of a house.Close-up of bicycle basket showing 4-thick weaving strands around single risersBroken rusted greying railing on front of windowsill.  Estimated at 4 inches highCorroden blue-green railing tops frame a long alleyway.A green stripe on a white wall with a black top, shown in perspective so that the wall narrows in the distance.

… So that was my afternoon.