Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

Prints available!

The first screen-print I have produced is now available, either as an original print or as a high-definition photographic print.

Wave with Boat

print of blue boat on blue ocean, and orange and red sky.Wave and Boat, or Boat and Wave, is a stencilled screen print. In technical terms, this was made by stretching silk as tight as a drumskin, and then forcing ink through it in a controlled push. The stencils keep the ink, which has a paintlike consistency, in the areas it is wanted. Stencils can be used for precise applications of areas of colour, and in conjunction with other techniques can produce complex works of art.

This print is available as an original for £30, trimmed and unmounted. There are 6 prints available, some with minute flaws or flecks.

Why prints?

The print process provides a consistent way of creating short-run or limited edition images at a high quality. My main thrust is individual oil paintings that can take many weeks of work. These are premium priced, but at the same time they are not the only thing I enjoy doing. A second tier of pricing is necessary both for those people who wish to have my work, and to give me an outlet for smaller creative drives. Wave And Boat started as a page in my sketchbook several months before the original printing, and I had been struggling to make it into a coherent work ever since.

As well as repeatable prints, there are monoprints, which are produced by a process that destroys the pattern of ink, making them unique perforce.

Prices for prints are in the Gallery, but as a whole are priced from £10 for experimental pieces upward for more complicated pieces.

What else is available?

As well as direct printing, I photograph my works for an indirect printing process, uploading a high definition copy to a website called Deviant Art. This means I am associated with some other, awesome, art, as well as outsourcing printing of unlimited editions of some of my works. One of these is Wave and Boat, which is available as a high quality print in various media: colourful postcards, art prints, and wrapped canvases. These give a choice to any available budget.

The photography would be happening whether I used Deviant Art or not, but for the sake of these prints I scan at 600 pixels/inch, or more if required. They are kept in my records no matter how many or few are sold. Unlimited photo-prints are generally available, but for certain prints I will be keeping it to a limited edition, and as I will be taking commissions on prints I will offer exclusivity as part of the price if my client wishes for it.