Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

First real sale?

Last year, I took a snapshot of the interior of D’Arry’s, on King Street. I liked it enough to want to paint it, but I quickly ran into problems that meant I wanted to go back and paint live. I called up and asked if I could, and I produced a quick impression of the interior. On Thursday, I will go talk to the owner, who asked for first refusal on the picture. I have a price in mind, and I will be taking the unfinished larger painting as well as the finished one, which was intended as a prep sketch. However, I think I have as much out of #2 as I need, and I have some pencil sketches, and could take more. So on Thursday I find out if my painting is worth my price to someone else, or if not, what I could do to make it so.

On about Friday, I will post a picture of it with commentary, I guess.