Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist


Close up of pale mask painted in oilsCambridge artist Diana Probst made her debut this November with Drawing Inspiration, a collection of representative art in oils and charcoal, and short-run screen prints. The exhibition, which showcased the work she has produced over the year, was inspired by what she observes every day in the world around her. The title’s play on words refers to both the physical act of drawing – a fundamental part of her work – and to the ‘muse’ which she says she has never spotted in the wild.

A young artist and mother of two, Diana works primarily with oils and charcoal, in classical style. While her area of concentration is original still life and portraiture, with the occasional fantastical piece thrown in, she also creates copies of, and homages to, old masters such as Vermeer and Cezanne. Her studio is at the Cambridge Art Salon, and visiting can always be arranged.

The Art Salon opened to the public on 14th of September, with a visit from the Mayor, and holds events that are open to the public. It is a not-for-profit organisation which supports community artists.

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