Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist


For enquiries about buying, please use the Contact page. I can set up Paypal or Google Checkout payments for any item, or take a cheque or bank transfer. Items without prices in the description are not for sale.


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  1. Posted on 7/Apr/2011 by Melissa Gay

    These prints are delightful! I am happy to see you’re using the silkscreens and monoprints to help support your oil painting.

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  3. Posted on 29/Sep/2011 by John Probst


  4. Posted on 19/Apr/2012 by L

    Good job especially in design and the use of colours and tones. Surely some of your work can be improved if you learn some anatomy and realize it is the rhythm of lines surrounding the dark tones and attaching to the bones that makes a body vivid.

    • Posted on 20/Apr/2012 by Diana

      Thank you. The whole thing is a learning process, and I will keep learning for a long time yet, I am sure.

  5. Posted on 24/Sep/2013 by Richie

    incredible work.. i’m gobsmacked! really!

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